Tales Of Kings & Dragons

The earth is ancient… Before mankind walked its plains, forests and deserts, dragons ruled over them. By the time human kings and queens emerged, most of them were gone. But not all. They were hiding, just like other creatures of the underworld…

Delve into the secret chapters of history where dragons and other mythical creatures lurk in the shadows. Tales of Kings & Dragons lets you explore fantasy storytelling in three historical eras; Ancient China, Arthurian Age and the Crusades. This guide covers for each of these eras; historical background, political and social conditions, myths, fantasy story options, an untold legend and a pre-written adventure! We also provide new game mechanics: Disciplines and Human Ethnicities; as well as new options for archetypes, backgrounds, feats, artifacts and historical factions.

Ancient China: Explore the Warring States period and the forging of an empire amidst chaos brought upon by vile cultists and monsters. 

Arthurian Age: Witness King Arthur and Merlin gather the tribes of Britain for an epic war of survival against the dragons.


Crusades Era: Uncover the secrets beneath Jerusalem and read how knights, ghazis and assassins not just fought each other, but also fiends from other realms.


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For Players

New Game Feature: Disciplines

Tales of Kings and Dragons brings on Disciplines where your character merges herself into a teaching or path inspired by myths and history.

New Game Feature: Human Ethnicities

Humans are vastly diverse and culturally disparate. With the ethnicity feature, your human character will have unique features inspired by historical cultures.


Organizations that can help your heroes or hinder their efforts, historical factions such as the Hashashin and the Knights of the Round Table shall be presented with story hooks, secret histories, and sample NPCs.

New Feats, Spells, and Artifacts

Many new additions to existing features of 5E to enhance your gameplay in a historical setting.

New Archetypes

Path of the Shaolin (Monk), Oath of the Grail (Paladin), Ghulam (Fighter), and much more!

For Dungeon Masters

3 Historical Settings


Tales of Kings and Dragons shall present with you everything you need to design a historical-fantasy story; now your characters may become knights of the Round Table serving King Arthur, heroes in Ancient China trying to save the common folk from death and destruction of the Warring States period or chevaliers and ghazis trying to uncover the secrets of the city of Jerusalem in the Age of Crusades. We have prepared a grand toolbox for historical storytelling that includes dozens of plot ideas, quests and how you can implement fantasy elements such as monsters and magic into your stories.


3 Original Legends


The book offers original legends for all three settings; read a new version of the tale of King Arthur from a never-unearthed account, explore the Terracotta Army’s tragic and mystic story from a hidden Chinese source and scroll through the notes of a Muslim emissary to the Christian Kingdom of Jerusalem telling about an evil awakening. These legends may become your main axis points when designing your own stories or you may take a look at them and inspire yourself to similar tales.


3 Ready-to-Play Adventures


Are you interested in directly delving into a pre-written adventure with your players? If you think they will enjoy being the protagonists of the original legends we provide, then we also offer 10+ session-long adventures where your players will shape history first-hand by trying to save Britain, China and the Holy Lands.