Preatorian Guards (Faction)

We have designed a new faction for Carovea Victor; Cohort Praetoria! Factions are key features of Carovea Victor as they present the players and DMs with many new story options. We have designed a new faction which shall be included in the Carovea Victor book. Behold the Praetorian Guards, the emperor's finest!

New Archetypes for Carovea Victor

There are many heroes and villains forging their way to victory, fame, or riches in Carovean Empire and the Realms of Armyr. Here, we present you 7 new class archetypes that we're working on. They are all inspired by Roman Empire and other historical civilizations of the era.

New Feature: Human Ethnicities

One of the key new features that we design for Carovea Victor is the human ethnicity feature. Players who create human characters for the game will be able to choose an ethnicity. If they do this, instead of taking the "Ability Score Increase" trait, the character improves its ability scores as explained and takes the traits listed under the ethnicity.