Carovea Victor

Carovea Victor is a sourcebook for 5E, which tells about a fantasy version of a greco-roman world and it's greatest empire which fights with its legions to conquer the world and defend its borders against the barbarians.

Imperium Carovum, the Carovean Empire, is one of the greatest powers in the Realms of Armyr. Ruling over large territories and numerous peoples, the empire is a major bastion of civilization and culture. The Carovean tribes first founded a kingdom some two thousand years ago which then expanded its borders and turned into a republic with a senate. It has been nearly five hundred years since it was transformed into an empire; emperors now rule with supreme authority while the senate still exists but retains just a shadow of its old power.

To the north, the fierce peoples of the lands of Germenea and Sarmatea resist the empire's legions. Orc tribes roam the northern edges of the known realms but there are orc strongholds on other regions as well, captured from earlier great raids. The Dragon Empire, ruled by a powerful black dragon family, is a major threat to the north-eastern borders of the Carovean Empire.

To the east lies the lands of Perseans, an ancient and sacred people, the mountains and hills of these lands were once home to great dwarven fortresses but now much of them lie empty or are haunted by foul creatures. South of the Mare Internum, the city of Carthaga continues to defy the imperial legions and navy but it has lost much of its former strength. Far to the south lies the lands of Titans, it is told that they were banished here by the gods...

Inside the book, you will find new race, class and archetype options for characters that hail from either the Carovean Empire or from other peoples deemed barbarian by the Caroveans. There are also factions which players can join and gain ranks, new monsters, storytelling ideas and sample adventures...


Carovea Victor Announcement Trailer

New Class and Archetypes

We have designed new class and archetype options to reflect characters that are either from the Carovean Empire or those who hail from the peoples described as "barbarians" the Caroveans. Flamen (New Class): A servant of a pantheon of gods as a whole, a flamen priest leads the faithful of her religion. She is not a warrior-spellcaster-priest as the cleric but she has a wide range of spells and she can speak sacred prayers that give her the power to command truly epic powers.

Your flamen priest can serve the High Gods, the Old Gods, or the Chaos Gods which you choose as class archetype. New Archetypes include Path of Fanatic (Barbarian), College of Senator (Bard), Passion Domain (Cleric), Circle of Elder Trees (Druid), Gladiator (Fighter), Legionary (Fighter), Way of Profugus (Monk), Oath of Centurion (Paladin), Auxiliary Vanguard (Ranger), Smuggler (Rogue), Spirit Shaman (Sorcerer), Titan Patron (Warlock), School of Scriptor (Wizard)

Human Ethnicities

One of the new features of Carovea Victor! is the choice of ethnicity for human characters and how it changes the player's abilities. Humans populate most of the Realms of Armyr and we wanted to give new options for human characters.

A human player may choose not to take the "Ability Score Increase" trait as given; instead she may now select one of the following ethnicities inspired from historical people, she then takes fewer ability scores but also gains other special traits reflecting the culture and strong sides of them.

The complete book shall cover Carovean, Hellen, Gaullic, Germenic, Egyptean, Persean, Sarmatean, Hispanean, Numedean, Dacian, and Thracean ethnicities. You can find some of them and special abilities in our demo booklet.