About Us

As Roleplay Elixir, we started producing roleplaying game content, pre-written adventures and class-subclass options more than a year ago but our team consists of writers and DMs who have been into tabletop-rp games for more than 15 years. Batuhan and Levent have been some of the leading members of their local gaming community, taking roles as DMs of multi-DM living campaigns, LARPs, convention games and hundreds of casual games. Their enthusiasm for history, combined with a love of tabletop games have developed into the first seeds of Carovea Victor.

Alper is a talented illustrator who has been providing art for Roleplay Elixir's content from Day 1. He also works on different projects and is known for his illustrations for children's books and his recent music album. Laura, an rpg nerd and a talented DM, helps us with her professional skills to bring Carovea Victor to life as a project manager and editor.

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M. Batuhan Tunçdemir

Lead designer and writer for Roleplay Elixir, Batuhan is an rpg player and game master for more than 15 years. He is one of the leading members of the local gaming club, Kule Sakinleri, in Izmir and he has organized a great deal of events including rpg tabletop days, conventions, game master ateliers and history talks. He is also a miniatures wargamer and loves historical tabletop games, having a wide collection of WW2, Napoleonics and Ancients miniature armies. He is married and has a 1.5 years old daughter.

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Laura Deniz Moreau

Kickstarter manager and Overseer of the team. She jointly manages an English teaching company called English Proficiency, based in Fresnay-Sur-Sarthe. She is 29 years old and a Turco-Franc. She is a gamer, game master, and storyteller for more than 15 years. A true geek with a decree on geography. Married and a mother of baby girl.

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Levent Akdurak

The "Jack of all trades" member of the team. He studied three different majors and worked in various sectors; even opened up a hobby store & cafe for the local RPG & Table top community! He is a game addict with passion for strategy and RPGs, a veteran of miniature war games and a history buff. Currently employed in an Advertising Agency as a Project Manager besides RolePlay Elixir. Also happly married.

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Alper Özdil

Illustrator of Roleplay Elixir team. Apart from his 16 years of International IT career, Alper is an independent; musician, artist, application developer, podcaster and writer. He has graduations from Geophysics Engineering and Philosophy. Happily married with children.

For more info about him you can visit his web site here.